Thursday, January 14, 2010


I bought a typewriter for $9. Also
I bought a sack of Drum.
The typewriter is broken
but is motivated and determined
to tap-tap-tap real soon.
The tobacco is moist and easy to roll.
My Heart is wanting some Real Love
but that won't be getting fixed by me
right now. I think
I'll let that soak for a bit like a
saltwater bath for a mermaid
stuck in a city
that never sleeps or eats
anything but Korean
takeout that
smells like garlic and ginger,
which can only mean one thing.
Kimchi strengthens
your immune system
(and your soul)
just like Real Love does.
And so
All you need is Kimchi
and a few fat tracks
to sway to on a cold night
in November with the
full moon glowing
in a sunset that'll make you
grab at your chest
while listening to the master of love
beg some dame to stop breaking his heart.

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