Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Cannibalism, shnannibalism!

I'd rather eat some brownies

stuffed with weed,

or hey fuck it! Mushrooms!

Then I'll march down some hip trails

and look at the clouds turning

into paintings and out of reality I'll go!

Yes, and when the nausea kicks in

and I think of Hannibal the real Cannibal

I'll let out some ridiculous scream and laugh

and start down some crazy spiral of tears

swollen eyes and basic hysterics.

I'll stand in the middle of some parking lot

and watch a car wait for me to move,

and I'll feel really brave, like I'm stopping this car

from making any progress. Any progress at all! Yeah!

Until the person gets out of their car

and shouts at me to move! And I'll just run away

like some deer who only eats grass,

praying that no one will eat my brains!

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