Monday, February 8, 2010

Muted Melody

walking for 1,000 miles,
in 4 seconds.
pavement turns to hot sand
and the bull’s skeleton
hangs around me in invisible trees.
take a break. lying down now,
on my side with the
gold sand surrounding me.

and then
a hand, appearing lovingly,
tricking me.
what a beautiful hand.
is it you?
a silent yes slips from
your sweet lips
and you pull me in closer.
come back with me.
you say no, you promise
you’ll never come back with me.

running now,
barefoot. hot sand smoothing calluses
that have grown for two decades.
the bull’s skull hangs
in a mysterious oak.
i start to scream, but a
muted melody
is all that comes out.

it’s time to wake up.

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