Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nuggette of Light, I Hear You


questions usually follow your statements

that slip from your lips, your hips, your stare.

soul sister or is it demonic twin?

yikes the ironic friendship

the synchronized sadness

and love-ness and loneliness.

i see your bunny and i raise you

a guinea pig named after the greatest

love story and a corroded dog

that fell upon my lap on a day

of bull shit 'thank you now pass the tators'. insane in what brain and where?

fever isn't my only excuse for aggression towards my mother

or my old apartment which burned down last week

in a dream of mine.

brown and icky and sticky lilacs are the most beautiful thing alive and dead.

revealing their age and the inevitable with each peddle that drops or dries

just like my fear, just like your reality.

dance in the mirror for six hours and admit love

but then spit on love because love is hate just as

breath is life.

never really knowing what i am talking about i respond to you

and you respond to me and so on and go on and keep on keepin' on.

hazel eyes that spin our brain until it's vomiting important information out and leaving only charming moments and then wait! shit.

anger. the morning after. fuck the morning! the life after him.

nuggets of light and life and love and truthful depression

pile high on the window sill when i smell

herbal conditioner and find dark brown curls on my pillow.

i'm a blonde. life's a brunette, kicking my ass and kissing my neck

and promising to never love.

up and down and push and pull and here we go a wandering

down the youthful path of elimination.

self loathing and self loving. it's all right and it's all so wrong. valentine's day is for the single people to be thankful and for the relationships to burn like california or beirut.

truth is i think about mars more than venus. and that, my imaginary friend, is just plain boring.

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